Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Sometimes ideas come in large groups and they don't choose convenient times - most of the times when in bed of just before waking up - so after a struggle to grab pencil and notepad, when you're ready to jot down everything, you just don't remember what it was all about!
Anyway, as a proper weaver I am now sampling before actually preparing the "real" job - and it's good fun!
I know sampling seems to be an idle activity, especially when you'd like to run to the loom with a new project in mind- but I learned that sometimes it's better to be patient and try out new ideas on a small warp. Also, some more ideas could come along!
I'll have to wait a bit more though, as we're leaving tomorrow - going to the UK!
Hope to be back soon with some good pics

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I managed to exhaust the dyebaths - but I definitely need a break from pink!
In this moment I am fascinated by green - this season shows an infinite variety of hues, all rather bright - they lift your spirits! Nature has so many forms and colours - do we really think we can do better?
When I started this blog I thought I would collect all sorts of things from the web, use it as a sketchbook - now I realize I use it more like a diary where I fix moments and try and set up ideas for future projects - even if it's not very linear and there are blanks here and there. I'd like to follow the growth of an idea from its very beginning to the completed item - quite difficult for me, I admit!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

colours again

On Monday I gave a demonstration of natural dyeing and when it was over I was left with a couple of dyebaths still full of colour that couldn't be wasted!
The yarn is a mix of silk/merino and the onion skins provide such a glorious yellow!