Monday, June 09, 2008

more fabric please!

I completed the project with the second panel (...with all its "textile drafts" if I can call them so) - and it's time to change my threading on the loom, ready for the next warp. Actually "completed" is not the right word as I know perfectly well that I'll be mulling over the things I've done, thinking how to improve them or - as usually happens once you think "it's done!" - getting the best idea and get frustrated at the thought...why didn't I do it before?
At the moment I am completely fascinated by the world of Mid-century textiles - got my eyes on this book for reference - I particularly like colour combinations and "atomic" shapes of printed textiles.

There is an exhibition I'd love to see - from Atoms to Patterns - crystal structure designs from the 1951 Festival of Britain
- at the Wellcome Collection in London. Again, it's about getting inspiration from the forms and shapes in nature - however hidden and minuscule they can be.

So I've got the feeling that my next samples will reflect this influence - isn't it exciting when you have plans for the next thousand warps? - my gosh I'd better stop sleeping!


Anonymous said...

So many warps, so little time! In complete agreement with you.

I so love your pink/blacks. One of my favorite color combinations of all time, and one I was wearing today, actually.

These days, I'm torn between art and function so am just letting things flow as they come. A table runner today, morphed into a delicate wall hanging tomorrow. . .

Weave on, weave on!

neki desu said...

Ciao e tante grazie per la tua visita e il tuo commentario. Ai un blog molto in gamba. Scusa per i typos


neki desu

Anonymous said...

You weave so creatively, but don't forget to sleep to keep up with all your inspiration. Thanks for the link to Atoms to Patterns. It's such fascinating design history.

Anonymous said...

You said: "got my eyes on this book for reference". Looks something I could get into.
I needed some inspiration so I thought I would borrow it from my local library. They don't carry it. It must be a rare book.

Donatella said...

Hi Luisa,
yes the book is not easy to find - you could try on ebay, sometimes there are secondhand copies for sale. I am still on the hunt!

Anonymous said...

OK, Thank you, Luisa