Monday, May 18, 2009

my gran...

...used to crochet a lot.
And among all the doilies, blankets, etc she would also crochet lovely pot holders.
The ones above I found in a thrift store - they need a good wash!
They remind me of when she would crochet in hot summer afternoons, under the parasol, in the garden.
And when she finished one she would go on with the same pattern/different colours for at least another
six or seven. Identical.

I first saw Anu Tuominen amazing work on Textile Forum Magazine a few years ago.
Maybe that's why I started collecting pot holders?


Anonymous said...

Hi again Doni
I've commented a few times on your site, but I really wanted to say this time how much I admire your work, your clean, fresh blog entries, your beautiful photographs, your willingness to share and your links to sites of other interesting and fascinating artists (such as Anu Tuominen) Many thanks from an appreciative fellow weaver.

Donatella said...

Hi Anne,
I really don't know what to answer - your words make my day! It is fantastic to have the chance to meet likeminded people - and for me this is even more important when it comes to weaving. I am very very happy if I can stir up somebody's inspiration or creativity, as I receive so much from the blogging world! A heartfelt Thank You, Anne.