Sunday, May 24, 2009

old linen

All of a sudden I had a whim for a linen apron. Something to wear while weaving or sewing. Light.

So here it is, made from an old linen sheet - I love the crispiness - and the softness that comes with years of use. It belonged to my great-aunt, I took it when she died and we had to empty the house. It comes with a full set of memories and a family history that I treasure. That's the beauty of old textiles.

Sometimes I wonder about my handwovens. How long will they last? Where will they end?
Will people know how they came to be?

linen apron



Anyway, the apron is almost done, only the front pocket missing.
Have you noticed the hanger? It's just a wire hanger from the dry cleaners, covered with strips of fabric - remains from the sewing basket - but I think it looks really nice.
I got this idea from Selvedge n°27 - an ad for this book - it takes a while to finish one, but it's so satisfying to see a neat row of white hangers that I'll keep covering them!


Anonymous said...

I love them!

jane said...

absolutely beautiful!

Linda Maria Szücs said...

I really like the hanger. What a nice way to customize it!