Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"seasons of love" (this is what's on the radio now!)

...and it seems like the perfect title!

My friend Carola is a textile restorer - and this is the amazing place where she works!
Lately she's been working to prepare bespoke dummies for antique dresses to be displayed in exhibitions and museums.
Every corner is full of little surprises - as soon as you get in, you can tell how much she loves her job
I love going there, it's like a small kingdom of textile magic!


Meg said...

Wow, a time slip!

Unknown said...

I used to work very closely with a textile conservator in NY. It is such a treat to handle and care for those old objects! I love the way things would show "recycling" sometimes. We were doing a Torah mantle that somebody had obviously made out of silk garment of some kind since we kept finding buttonholes in the seams and evidence of a lapel! Textiles used in worship, especially, are objects that represent so much love and community life.

Donatella said...

Nancy, I understand you perfectly. Some time ago I helped preparing anexhibition of antique Japanese textiles and my favourite objects were the sakiori belts and jackets worn by country people. Each one different - and unique!
The habit of recycling sumptuous fabrics for church vestments is a very old one - those fabrics were so expensive! but I love the fact that they tell us a story, from the rich lady who wore a gown that was then cut and sewn into a chasuble for a priest.