Thursday, December 31, 2009


So this is the very end of 2009...
I wish you all a special 2010, full of surprises and great emotions
I still have to thank Meg for the special day we had together - next time we hope to see you in Italy!

We're off to the city centre to celebrate the New Year, and it's funny to think that at home they'll still be having lunch!

Today I've been to this special exhibition - and the last photo is an homage to Yellow & Grey!


Meg said...

Doni, I'm so relieved you two survived the crossing. It was terribly windy all day here, and I'd imagine it was the same for on the water. We enjoyed our day, too. Do have a fabulous rest of the holiday!

Life Looms Large said...

Happy New Year!!


Margreet said...

Lovely pictures.
What an experience you are having down under.
Happy New weaving Year!