Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Predictably, I got the flu too - and a pretty nasty one. Last weekend the whole family was in bed.
I miss sunny and hot days in NZ!

Angie Lewin's new fabric pattern here

Nadia's new lamp here

and the fantastic work of Miso - very inspiring!


Leslee said...

Love the spoon photo. Is that you in the reflection? Hope you feel better soon.

Meg said...

Scandinavian design is all the rage in Japan, now. I think the Mediteranean craze has settled - French and Italian themese are still very much here, but now I see more Swedish, Norwegian and Danish designs, which were, in tern, aways popular here, at least since the 60's.

Donatella said...

Leslee, yes it's me!
I'm much better, thank you ;-)

Meg, I understand why! it's a common love for pure clean lines and understated elegance, and it's so amazing if you think about the geographical distance between the two countries!

Life Looms Large said...

Glad you're feeling better!!!


Sophie said...

Beautiful photography :)