Monday, March 08, 2010


The shawl has a really simple shape, and again it starts as a scarf, or rather a long strip.
the size is up to you really, mine is about 35x220 cm - you can see it back here

Remembering Meg, I made a little paper mock-up in order to show you how it's done. Have fun!


Meg said...

Soooo coincidental that just yesterday, I was folding a receipt in the car to see if I still remember how to do make the bags.

So, I wonder if I'm allowed to give YOU the kreativ blogger award!!

I don't know how or if or when you ever got through your NZ pics, Doni. I only have 650 from Japan, and I'm almost halfway done.

Donatella said...

I was thinking of how to show the shape of the shawl and you came into my mind - when we were in the Suter's Gallery cafe!

thank you for the nice thought, but I don't think you can award me back! ;-P

I only just managed to create a blurb book with photos from 2009, and my next task is to create one with NZ pics. I wonder if I'll ever get round it!

Ann said...

Thank you for the paper mock up, but I still have questions about this shawl/scarf. Aside from the seam to turn the long rectangular piece into a loop, is it stitched anywhere else? How do the bottom half of the loop keep from sagging/separating from the top?

Donatella said...

Ann, the loop is then stitched in the middle leaving enough for the armholes! I hope it's clear, see the shawl over at this post too:

Ann said...

Thank you. Now it makes sense. I have looked at the completed shawl, but that last seam is cropped out of the last picture and covered by the skein of yarn in the second.