Wednesday, May 19, 2010

this is me

when I write down my draft.
when I choose the yarn.
when I prepare the warp and tie the knots.
when I sit in front of the loom and nothing else matters.

I'm glad this blanket will go to baby Federico - I'd almost forgot how powerful this feeling is.
I weave.


SewObsession said...

look like you are going to be very busy with your blanket, would love to try weaving one day when i have many hours by the looks of it.....
and pretty colors.....

Margreet said...

Love your colour combination here. That will be a lovely present for baby Federico! Enjoy the weaving.

Anonymous said...

The colours are beautiful and so baby-like. The material looks very soft, what is it?
Please show us the results once woven.
Good luck

Hilary said...

very beautiful!!!!!!!

Donatella said...

Hi there! no weaving for a while and I already finished it! I'll post some pics when the blanket has been washed and pressed.
Thank you Margreet and Hilary ;-)

Betje - it's merino wool in the warp and a blend merino-silk-cashmere in the weft, very, very soft!

Susan - you should try weaving some day, the only danger being that you'll become addicted!

Eva said...

Hi Donatella, beautiful process photos! Weaving looks so interesting but extremely complicated. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket.