Friday, July 16, 2010

wrapped and ready to go

I finished the blanket and made a cover with unbleached cotton fabric.
I also added a small pocket at the front for care instructions, wool content, etc.


Margreet said...

Doni, lovely end result and what a good idea to make the cover with pocket! I'm sure it will be well received.

Leslee said...

I've loved watching this project come to completion...something I seem to not be able to accomplish these days! Lovely cover and care instructions.

Meg said...

Doni, what did you use in front of the cover so you can see the card, etc? Organdy? It's beautiful, and makes the commission so very special!

Anonymous said...

Oh my oh my. That is so beautiful. What a package. The person who receives this will be very, very lucky.

Donatella said...

Thank you! The lady who ordered it was v. happy and made me v.happy too.
It's so good when people really understand all the work behind a simple item like this.

Meg, I used organza yes - I liked the idea of being able to see what was inside!

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Avalanche Looms / Susan Johnson said...

Simpy beautiful.