Friday, September 10, 2010


I ordered a copy of Eco Colour by India Flint - and now I just want to try everything that's on it!
This book is so inspiring - and wonderful photos too
Some plants mentioned are not really so common here, so I wonder if it could be a good idea to go out to collect and experiment with Mediterranean plants.

For the time being I am having a go at solar dyeing.

I filled two jars, one with yarn and the other with an old damask teatowel.
I am using walnuts - the only thing I've got at the moment - and no mordant.
Will I be able to wait for at least a month? I'll post the results in due time!


Margreet said...

Doni, hope you will get some lovely colour from this.
When I did some solar dyeing a few years ago I used netting to keep the yarns away from the flowers I was dyeing with. The netting came from a plastic sponge, like a flower, they sell for use in the shower. When you cut it loose, you have a long plastic netting.

domi_dada said...

oh che bel minestrone :-)
io ho provato a tingere vecchi asciugamani di lino con foglie dirose, belli! aspetto di vedere la tua lana :-)

Deborah said...

I am experimenting with dyeing with items from nature myself. I currently have some lovely lichen fermenting in a jar. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.

Donatella said...

I thought about it at the beginning, but then I decided to go for the soup effect! It's going to be a pain to wash the vegetable material away, I know.

Domi_dada, che bello, con le foglie di rosa! Scusa l'ignoranza: che colore danno? La mia lana sta già cambiando colore, sono troppo curiosa!

Deborah, I am sure we'll be very pleased with the results of our experiments!