Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Temperature is dropping - my mum got out a very special scarf I wove for her some time ago.
It's made with handspun vicuna, and it's even softer than cashmere.
The yarn is from Argentina - a lady here used to have a shop selling speciality yarns - and the colour is incredible

The blue tapestry is a needlework piece from this lady.
She left some unfinished canvasses so I just filled in the empty squares and hung it.


Meg said...

Lovely images, Doni. I remember the tapestry maker when you posted her work.

I've been listening to Rai Tre on the Internet and I'm finding it really enjoyable even though I might pick out maybe one word from every "paragraph", and even though these words might be Guantanamo and Bay...

Donatella said...

Radio Rai Tre is my favourite! I am listening to it right now - but my favourite program is Fahreneit, where they discuss books and interview the authors. It's at 3pm - a bit early for you, I reckon!

sampling said...

Doni, it is beautiful. I had wondered what the blue piece was behind the plant from your last post!? I love the images from your earlier post of this tapestry weaver.
My grandfather left me a coat made of vicuna cloth so I know exactly what you mean by it softness...