Friday, January 07, 2011

Anni Albers

...another country, another exhibition!

Despite the weather, we managed to get to Wales
to see the Anni Albers exhibition at the Ruthin Craft Centre.
We stayed in a lovely B&B, and spent the morning in the Craft Centre.
I was incredibly curious to see Anni Albers' work - that I have so often seen on the web! - for real.
This was definitely my favourite.

The other part of the exhibition was formed by works by Dörte Behn, Christopher Farr, Ptolemy Mann,
Fiona Mathison, Laura Thomas and Wallace Sewell.
The piece that intrigued me the most was "three x five" by Laura Thomas :
a wall hanging composed of strips woven triaxially,
with a colour combination that I didn't like at the beginning but then found very compelling,
both from a distance and close up.
Her great blog (with more photos!) here.

The Craft Centre is a beautiful space, and I had fun trying to read the incredible amount of consonants
in the Welsh captions!

the rest of the photos, here


Meg said...

Doni, these exhibitions feel as if you've been to a shine and had some really good meditation sessions. Thank you for sharing them with us.

And I so agree with your favorite among the Albers work. I do sometimes wonder what they talked about, A and J, when they were clearing the table or getting ready to walk out the door or taking out the trash, whether their lives were so immersed in art 24-7 (which is what I'd like to think) or if even they shared mundane conversations like the rest of us.

Laura said...

Thanks for the mention! Glad you enjoyed the show. Interesting comment re colour - I've purposely been forcing myself out of my comfort zone with colour, trying to create peculiar combinations, that jolt the eye.

Margreet said...

Doni, looks all very interesting. Glad you were able to see it and thanks for posting your photos!!!
Warp+Weft is touring now:

Leslee said... weaving amazing to be in the presence of her work. Lucky you!