Wednesday, March 16, 2011

M's & O's

I finally got round starting the throw for the sofa.
Very relaxed and easy weaving - using up some stash and having fun with M's & O's.
I was tempted to do a striped warp and use a single weft, but am doing the opposite:
plain warp and blue wefts

- this post over at Miss Moss -


margery meyers haber said...

My favorite weave structure, and I never thought to use it in a throw...wonderful!

Meg said...

Double-width, yes?

Donatella said...

Meg, no!
Cutting the lenght in three panels and then sewing!

Aase G said...

Looks beautiful!

shipbuilding said...

I love M's and O's too. It always seems to look great no matter what yarn or colours are used.