Thursday, May 05, 2011


Some things just happen like this. My washing machine is quite a character, I have to say.

On the left: dyeing session in washing machine goes horribly wrong when net bag cointaining
skein to be dyed gets open during abovementioned session. Impossible to disentangle.

On the right (just to balance things out): fragment of handwoven hemp fabric from the 1920's

and Hiroko Takeda


Susan said...

I just saw Hiroko Takeda's work, and it is stunning, all that waffle weave, and texture. I like your washed up tangle of yarn, too

Donatella said...

Susan, I know, simple structures but with wonderful effect!
Why is it that Japanese designers always create incredible pieces of work?

shipbuilding said...

What a beautiful mess your machine has created. My machine is also a little wild. I can't even think about putting any yarn or weaving into it or it is instantly ruined.

Seeing Hiroko's work has made me excited about weaving again. It's so playful, like the kind of work one does as a student before it all gets a bit too serious!