Wednesday, June 29, 2011

villa Rosa

very near to villa Bordoni (the one in the previous post) is the Glass Museum of Altare,
housed in a beautiful Liberty building, villa Rosa.
What about this as a weavers' colony?


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes! Sign me up!


Anonymous said...

Me too! Though... I am not sure I'd get much weaving done. I'd just sit in one of those chairs and look out of the window all day.

Donatella said...

...I'm afraid I'd do the same!

Meg said...

I never associated Art Nouveau with Italy, but I love the beautiful execution of the style seen here.

But no, I think I'd like dibs on the upstairs room with the broken window in the previous house. Lovely to sit and look out the window while I have my cup of whatever that's in the cup.

shipbuilding said...

...and I'm happy with either
place : )

Although I do have to agree with Cally - I might be too busy pondering the view to weave much at all.

Fingers crossed for that lotto win x

Deanna said...

yes, sign me up and I will sit with you looking out those windows. although looking at the walls looks good too.

margery meyers haber said...

I could be happy there!

Susan said...

It's beautiful, but I'm with Meg at the last beautiful crumbling villa. Meg, you can have that room with the window, because I'm happy to put my loom at the bottom of that staircase