Monday, January 23, 2012

tiles of Porto

if you live in Porto and the facade of your house is missing a tile or two you can go to this amazing place
called Banco de Materiais where they salvage tiles and other materials
from buildings that are to be demolished or modified.
It's a great place where you can get an idea of the various tile patterns
- I don't need to mention that fact that my favourite where the blue and white ones....


shipbuilding said...

I was looking at my own photos of Porto on the weekend : ) It's such an inspiring place and these tiles are absolutely beautiful. I can see why you were drawn to the blue ones.

karina nielsen rios, copenhagen, denmark said...

Hello Donatella,
This is amazing. Simple love the blue/white ones too, like kasuri of indigo/white.

Donatella said...

I had a hard time restraining myself from taking too many pics of tiles!
And there's nothing like blue and white together, I just can't resist...;-)

Jess said...

Hi, I'm in Porto at the moment and would love to buy a few tiles. Doesn't sound like this place sells them, is that right? Any idea where I could buy some? Thanks!

Jess said...

Hello. I'm in Porto at the moment and would love to buy some tiles. It doesn't sound like this place sells then - it looks amazing though! Any idea where I could buy some?


Donatella said...

Hi Jess,
Wow, I hope you're having a good time! No, this place onloy provides tiles to residents, but I found a little bric a brac shop selling some tiles. If I remember well it's near the Banco de Materiais, in an alley off Rua de Cedofeita, probably Travessa de Cedofeita - but I am not sure! I hope you'll find it!