Wednesday, July 10, 2013

- - - - - -

while I get to know the serger, I decided to open my box of UFOs
and finish a linen top that I started ages ago.
It's a pleasure when you finish something and it's ready to be used
 - especially when outside it's 30°C! -
This top is a very simple thing, but I finished it with French seams, so it's neat on the inside as well.
And to complete the outfit, one of my silk-cotton-linen scarves, perfect for the aperitivo by the sea!


shipbuilding said...

just beautiful!
you will find sewing such a pleasure
with your new machine : )

Margreet said...

lovely photos and what is shown in it!

alessandra said...

very neat Doni, love the colours too! french seams are haute couture ;)
enjoy that aperitivo...
I miss that a lot!

Donatella said...

Thank you ladies!

Alessandra, next time you are in Genova we are definitely going to have an aperitivo!

Anonymous said...

You are so talented! Your pieces are so classy!