Friday, November 29, 2013


if you know me, you know that I don't do green.
Teal, aquamarine, pale turquoise, even celadon, yes.
But not green.
It was time to get out of my comfort-colour zone so I put on a green warp
(I admit I couldn't resist and put some teal in it, just a little)
and wove it with a red/orange/pink weft.
It's so iridescent!


Alicja said...

You made a right decision, Doni :) It's beautiful. Regards from Poland.

margery meyers haber said...

What an interesting way to go green! Nice job!

Meg said...

I love that it doesn't look so green, LOL!

Margreet said...


Donatella said...

Yes, have you noticed? I am still resisting the colour green! Thank you for your comments ladies!

shipbuilding said...'s beautiful

wishing you a fine festive season
and a wonderful new year
may it be a good year for weaving!

k x