Wednesday, March 19, 2014

that curtain

I am pretty sure it happens to all weavers;
you walk into a cafè because you need a herbal tea or maybe even a hot chocolate after a nice walk
and while you  are enjoying the surroundings...
(I love these little places that seem to be frozen in time
- this one specifically in the '70, with its tiles and wood panelling)
...BANG! textile alert!
This time it was the curtains, usually it's the tablecloth, but it can be someone's coat or jacket,
anything really, even the upholstery of the chair I am sitting on...
My relatives and friends know it and sometimes you can hear someone say
"please stop staring at the napkin".

Anyway, this nice pink number has a lovely block pattern, with a very subtle change in colours.







Meg said...

Wow, the curtain is more subtle than I expected. And the swirly, chocolaty design - is that the floor???

sonrie said...

when I am clothes shopping with my sister she always has to remind me not to 'pet' the clothes too much -- especially the nice wools!

Donatella said...

yes! that is the floor!

I know what you talk about! I do the same with my sister, only she's learnt to "grope" the fabrics too!