Friday, January 11, 2008

a Spell

It's always like magic...first the cloth appears in all its length from the front beam of my loom, then the twisting of the fringes, the washing and the trimming of all the uneven fringe I feel it's completed.
I can't but stare amazed at the spell that occurred again.
Those long linear entities are now a bi-dimensional surface!

I remember the first day I removed the cloth from the loom...I've always been crafting in one way or another but this gave a whole new meaning to the word "create"

And then there is the usual mess I seem not to be able to get rid of! I spend so much time putting things back to their place, sometimes I wish I had 30-hour days!

I'd say I'm getting better, am I not?

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Anonymous said...

sprizzano luce da ogni piega!