Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Chair

What is this fascination I have for chairs? I just see them everywhere...This lady was waiting on the pavement - near the bins - waiting for somebody to take care of could I possibly not comply? I removed the old seat cover - then I thought a nice handwoven new one would be nice...but for now she's got a piece of dark grey wool fabric. I think it works ok - and I can use it in the meantime!

These are three scarves (still to be finished) from the geometric series - another four to go!


AnnaVallance said...

I love your blog! I also have a chair that needs attention (cost me one dollar) and you have inspired me. Your scarves are awesome.

Donatella said...

Thank you Anna, I love it when it's possible to re-use things, or even make them prettier!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doni,
I love your scarves and how lucky that chair found you! I'm sure you will make a lovely cover for it one day.