Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stig Lindberg

Going to Stockholm means also seeing lots of beatiful textiles and pottery -
if you like Stig Lindberg a visit to the National Museet is compulsory!

There's a fantastic post on vintage Scandinavian ceramics over here at Bloesem
[everything you always wanted to know about designers and makers]


I'm in love with the first print!
I bought these books from the museum shop (I actually grabbed the last copy of the first book,
much to the disappointment of an English lady behind me who wanted it too...)
I need to learn some Swedish now,
because looking at the pictures is not enough, I want to know more!

stig lindberg

stig lindberg

stig lindberg

stig lindberg

stig lindberg

stig lindberg

I also got into a vintage shop and came home with these lovely melammine plates.
The owner told me they were designed by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg in an attempt
to persuade people to use good quality melammine instead of china.
Apparently people didn't like the idea and these plates were only used for picknicks, on the boat or camper.


Karen Barbé said...

I found you through visual-notes and I'm loving all the details in your blog. It's fun but I have exactly the same picture with the Stig Lindberg's swatches. All those drawers were simply wonderful :)


at swim-two-birds said...

wow, these Lindberg ceramics are amazing, love them all!
thanks for visiting:)

Janne said...

I love your Stockholm posts. I SO want to go there again now. I think I should. It's probably worth the trip just to see the Lindberg fabrics alone ;-)

Donatella said...

I feel the same, it was my first time in Stockholm and I am craving to go back again!
I think you should GO!!!