Thursday, November 25, 2010

black & white

I am in the process or making some order among my weaving stuff.
- still have boxes of books and CDs in the corridor - waiting for the bookshelf to be assembled....
I was browsing through my samples - this was the Colour & Weave project
and I used the Cathedral in my town as inspiration

I'd like one of these mirrors


Hilary said...

Lovely. Just lovely.

Meg said...

I'm impressed, but not at all surprised, at how beautiful your samples are. I always aspire to make lovely samples, but I'm in a rush to see how the structure/colors/yarns work, that I do them as quickly as possible, making them, sometimes, a study in strange shapes and... a passable sample for me but not telling much to anyone else.

I also understand how my various mentors/design teachers think I don't go deep enough in my experimentation. I love that you've sampled not only the visual but the textural as well.

Thank you.

Margreet said...

Doni, it is lovely to see these samples again!

shipbuilding said...

what beautiful samples! they would look amazing in frames on the wall. I feel all inspired now to go through my samples!

Donatella said...

Thank you Hilary!

Meg - I think you shouldn't worry too much about your samples and just have fun on the loom. Sampling is the time when best things come out - especially those ones that didn't look promising at all!

Margreet - you know I really miss that deadline feeling!

and Shipbuilding - I though about that too! Now I am curious about your samples...;-)

anastasia said...

lovely samples! could you tell me which pattern is in the 4th photo? and how many harnesses you used, as it looks very interesting.

Donatella said...

the pattern in the fourth sample is a simple colour&weave pattern on two blocks woven with 8shafts.