Thursday, May 26, 2011

hi there!

while in Milano I bought this huge risotto spoon (I just can't resist spoons)
that could double up as mirror!

Textile Nerd


Meg said...

I'm always attracted to mugs and creamers, but they are hard to store. A friend suggested I collect small plates, as she does, as they are easier to store. I think spoons might even be better!

Margreet said...

What a clever photo, oh, and I love your spoon too! Looks like a blue project is coming along?

Donatella said...

Meg, I love mugs too (and teacups and plates and glasses and jugs!) - but after we moved I just couldn't take it anymore. It's the typical indigestion reaction I suppose.
A spoon every now and again seems innocuous enough. Oh, and yarn of course!

Margreet, thank you! at the moment I am just "savouring" the yarn!