Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I collected two types of fresh leaves from different trees, and some dried out leaves from the ground.
One batch of fresh leaves I left out to dry - will try those in the next days.
I followed the instructions on India's book:

I used a stainless steel pot - although it would be really interesting to use an iron or copper pot
(will have to scour some thrift shops for that)
and simmered the leaves for about 50'.
Once cool I strained the liquid and added a wet skein of merino-silk blend.
I heated it again for another 50' - making sure it didn't boil.
I left the skein in the liquid to cool down overnight and repeated the day after with another skein in the same dyebath.

In another stainless steel pot I did the same, but using the dried leaves collected from the ground.
The result is a warm light brown colour; the skein dyed with dried leaves has a slight green shade.
They smell beautifully!
While the leaves were simmering a sweet eucalyptus scent was wafting around the house.
Now I wish I had more to keep on experimenting...


Hilary said...

Love the color. And I can just smell the aroma!!!

Margreet said...

Interesting colours. I still have a bag full of leaves that I saved from flower bouquets. I think I will have a go with it soon to see what colour I'll get out of them :-)

shipbuilding said...

I wish I could send you some but I think that might break our customs rules. Might have to check on that one...

Donatella said...

thank you for the kind thought ;-)
I went to more or less the same place last week, and got another bagful, so I can keep on playing!