Thursday, November 15, 2012

mock up rug

on one of my numerous wanderings on the internet I found this rug
I really like the colours and the patchwork of patterns
and I'd like to hang it in our entrance
but then I thought - what if after a while I get tired of such bold design? -
so for now we have a full scale paper rug hanging in its place
just to see the effect

I already want the real one!


Leslee said...

What a fabulous looks amazing. Hope the real one finds its way into your home as well.

Margreet said...

Good idea! It worked for me, after your suggestion, trying out the woven portrait by Sandra.
This looks great!

Anonymous said...

I think there is so much interest in the design that it would take a good long time to get tired of it! And if you did, you could always alter it...