Wednesday, April 16, 2014

o-oo --- ooo- o -- -o-- o-oo --- --- --

I had the seat of these Danish chairs re-woven in paper cord by a talented weaver friend
- thank you Tony! -
You can find her website here

...and I also finished a sample scarf on the newly refurbished George Maxwell loom,
just to make sure it worked ok. And it does!







Meg said...

My young friend Annie couldn't find anybody in town to do this, so she went and learned how to do it herself!

mmhaber said...

I had a chair like this once. Wish I'd kept it. Lovely spring scarf.

MK said...

Hi Doni - Gorgeous scarf!! How did you get the selvedge band? It seems like it is warp faced, or is that just a fancy loom trick?

Donatella said...

Hi MK,
the selvedge is threaded in the reed at double sett than the rest of the scarf, so that's why it's so warp-faced!