Saturday, April 12, 2008


I managed to exhaust the dyebaths - but I definitely need a break from pink!
In this moment I am fascinated by green - this season shows an infinite variety of hues, all rather bright - they lift your spirits! Nature has so many forms and colours - do we really think we can do better?
When I started this blog I thought I would collect all sorts of things from the web, use it as a sketchbook - now I realize I use it more like a diary where I fix moments and try and set up ideas for future projects - even if it's not very linear and there are blanks here and there. I'd like to follow the growth of an idea from its very beginning to the completed item - quite difficult for me, I admit!


elsa eriika said...

Hello! I agree blog works very well for seeing how a idea is growing. I also think that sometimes it gives even more ideas that way. The process makes more ideas. I like your blog very much!

Donatella said...

thank you elsa eriika, you're welcome anytime!