Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Sometimes ideas come in large groups and they don't choose convenient times - most of the times when in bed of just before waking up - so after a struggle to grab pencil and notepad, when you're ready to jot down everything, you just don't remember what it was all about!
Anyway, as a proper weaver I am now sampling before actually preparing the "real" job - and it's good fun!
I know sampling seems to be an idle activity, especially when you'd like to run to the loom with a new project in mind- but I learned that sometimes it's better to be patient and try out new ideas on a small warp. Also, some more ideas could come along!
I'll have to wait a bit more though, as we're leaving tomorrow - going to the UK!
Hope to be back soon with some good pics


Peg in South Carolina said...

You are right about patience. I especially liked your observation about the possibility of other ideas coming with that patience.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doni! I just discovered your blog thanks to Peg's link. I love the pictures of your naturally dyed silk scarves. The colours really glow in that beautiful yarn.

Anonymous said...

So true, that we never know when inspiration is going to hit. Some of my best ideas and designs come in the moments before sleep -- when the world is quiet.

Lovely work!