Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm here but sometimes I wish I could be in the UK or somewhere else
- it still amazes me (and always will) how people all over the world sharing the same interests can meet up and have a 'conversation' or exchange ideas on their blogs - even more so because I know how precious the company of like-minded people
can be . There are not many handweavers here in Italy - and less than the national average in the region where I live!

Today I've been to the depository of my local museum -where a kind lady showed me some textile fragments of damask and velvet from the XVIII and XIX century. The idea is to draw inspiration from the shapes and colours of these fragments - and of course have a chance to peek around! Some other textiles I found really inspiring: mezzeri - lightweight cotton fabric printed with flora and fauna motifs, with the most common the 'Tree of Life'. The name derives from the Arab word for "cover": women originally used them to cover their heads, but they were used also as shawls and bedcovers. They were particularly common in the XIX century in Liguria. Mezzeri are still used today as covers for bed/sofa but the modern versions have lost some of their appeal, as colour combinations are decidedly ugly and the patterns too big.


Anonymous said...

I know so well what you mean about like-minded people. Even though the Bradford experience was utterly exhausting I do miss our weekends of total weaving immersion. It sounds as though your UK trip was full of good fibre things though!

Anonymous said...

Having lived isolated in a wild western state here in the US where there are less than 3 people per square mile -- I so relate to your statement about finding like-minded people.

A few years ago I moved to a much more populated state, and am active in a local weaving guild. It has so enriched my life and my weaving.

The internet was my connection to the outside world for many years, and while it has its drawbacks, it's finer points far out way them.

Weave on!

Donatella said...

I miss our weekends in Bradford too, whatever the chaos or disorganization ! It would be nice to have the chance to experience something similar once every few months...

am pleased to hear that you are now living in a more weave-active environment - and although the "real" company of individuals is necessary, I feel that the "best" company not always derives from being bodily present.

oh, I was forgetting: yes my trip to the UK was a breath of fresh air!!