Thursday, May 15, 2008


About a month ago I've been to an exhibition on Antonia Campi (unfortunately there is not much about her on the web, I am trying to get my hands on the new catalogue...)
I suppose it's just one of those moments - when you realize just how much you love some specific shapes, colours and surfaces - they were there before, but now you are aware that they're special to you - and you crave for more...
Back to my weaving I fancied something black and white - then, after the exhibition where I saw the most lovely plate in white, black and pink, I decided for these three colours.
Pink had a lovely sort of "creamy" shade in the Fifties...

Above are samples - in wrong colours! - just to check the structure and colour&weave effects. As I want to cover a chair seat I need a strong and balanced fabric - plain weave still my favourite.
Today I've been threading the loom and hopefully tomorrow I'll prepare the warp.
Can't wait to see the fabric done!


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Doni.

Yes! Black, white, and pink always *do* remind me of the Fifties era. There is something so feminine about that combination, but without being 'frilly.'

Your samples (even with the understanding that they are only in scrap colors for now) are so beautifully executed, that I am excited about seeing the real fabric!

Weave on!

Donatella said...

Thank you Jane,
the fabric is done, I have to wash it - I'm curious to see the final result! Got the loom ready for the next warp...