Saturday, March 21, 2009

More on photos

First of all, thank you Cally for your kind words! I am honoured to be mentioned in your blog - and I am even happier I had the chance to meet you in Bradford - your work has always been very elegant and inspiring - right from the first project!

I wanted to share some links on taking photos - for our Final Project at the Bradford course we had to prepare a business card, in the size of our choice, in order to promote our work.
Hiring a professional photographer is a fantastic thing, but can also be very expensive - so of course the first attempts were done at home with my old and beloved digital camera.
I had no idea whatsoever about composition, light, colour, close-ups... I just had a go and then had the photos printed as postcards with my contact details on the back.

Now I look at them and think - how could I possibly think to use those photos? they're awful! -

So, it doesn't matter if you are taking photos for promotion, as homework for a course, or only for your records - it's nice to have good photos, showing the whole as well as the detail, and the 'real' colours

You will want to take into consideration:
size - you want to be able to figure out how big or small an item is,
function - how you wear a scarf or a shawl or a particular garment,
styling - a nice environment will improve the look of your creation

Caitlin Holcomb has an Etsy shop where she sells her creations. I love her styling:

another one I love is Yokoo, with her Etsy shop here and her photos here:

Etsy links on how to style your photos here, more here , here and here

felicia lo has a blog with great photos, and a couple of very helpful and downloadable PDFs here

...and finally, an article by Daryl Lancaster on weavezine

There's a whole world of talented bloggers who post fantastic pics, the list could be endless - and Flickr of course! - I often use compfight or multicolr - they're great for inspiration!

What are you doing still here? Get your cameras out and have fun!

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