Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Will this rain ever stop?

On Sunday we immersed ourselves in the fog, on the way to the new house of a couple of friends, where we enjoyed a lovely lunch and afternoon together - and their kid - who speaks a funny mixture of Italian and English!
Back home while "hiding" some clutter, I found a paper bag with the above contents.
It was in a box together with all the stuff a lovely lady, Anne, gave me when I bought her floor loom, and it belonged to her husband.
I thought it was a nice collection and I put it in a little box, to be stored as a little treasure.
This reminded me of Antonio Marras, the fashion designer - who bought a small suitcase
full of embroidery yarn, cotton, buttons and so on when he was in London. He kept the case intact with all its contents - and eventually it became a source of inspiration for his work. Another treasure!

I finished another cushion - this was a sampler from a weaving demonstration, but the stripes with different patterns were appealing... I like the result when you put on a warp and just go as you feel, with no particular treadling!

sampler cushion

cushion detail


Life Looms Large said...

Those are beautiful cushions!!! It's great that you came up with that from a sampler!


Anonymous said...

Hi Doni
Gorgeous cushions. I love the randomness of them. And as far as the rain goes, please send it down here.

Margreet said...

Have you seen the snow in the UK today! I'm sure you are pleased it is just rain that you are having :-), it's raining here too now and icy cold.
I like your treasure box and your cushions!

Donatella said...

Thank you! I am happy when I can use up woven "leftovers" - sometimes they are even better than serious projects! And the weather has improved a lot, so no more grumpiness