Monday, March 09, 2009

New Palette

Would you believe it? Spring at last!

new fabrics

And some new projects as well. The turquoise-green fabrics were the first attempt for a chair that needs a new seat, but I wasn't quite happy with them. Today I found a colour card by Farrow&Ball: the colour names are really entertaining! ...colours like elephant's breath, or dead salmon...
so now I know that my chair is painted skimming stone, and the next fabric will have the warp in babouche and the weft in radicchio, I am curious to see the effect!



Margreet said...

Oh you have Spring at last! Here it is dull and dismal looking!
We just have to wait a bit longer to see Spring flowers.......
I like the yarn for a new project!
Looking forward to seeing more.

Life Looms Large said...

A flowering tree! I'm a bit envious!

I like the colors of your upholstery project.....the towels on my loom right now are similar.

Love the color names....elephant breath, dead salmon.....Too funny!

You take great pictures! Your blog always looks beautiful!


Anonymous said...

dead salmon?? LOL! Those names are hilarious.

Do you have some other project in mind for the turquoise fabric? I like the color you ended up picking for the chair, but I'm sure the turquoise will be beautiful on something else.

Donatella said...

I know - who do you think is in charge for the colours' names? A person with a weird mind!
I have no idea what to do with the turquoise fabric yet, for the moment it rests on my table. Sometimes you think a colour will be just fine and then the fabric turns out to be the wrong match - at least for that chair!