Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a collection

Do you remember these bags and the tutorial?
Apparently, it was greatly appreciated - and it was nice to discover how people
expressed their creativity on such a simple thing as a bag,
so I wanted to show you some I found (in random order)!

Thank you ladies!

Angela of Kindred Threads on Flickr

Barb over at Kindred Threads



Margreet said...

Hé Doni, what a good idea to get them all together like that. They all look so different. Well done for giving that tutorial!

Unknown said...

Doni- Thank you for that great tutorial- it's the perfect use for a piece of fabric from a little metal Structo loom. I've got another piece of fabric planning in my Weavemaker software now....


Avalanche Looms / Susan Johnson said...

Oh, what a surprise I just had when I came to see what you are showing today! Thank you for the diagram and the inspiration

Donatella said...

thank you all,
it was really a pleasure! ;-)