Saturday, July 04, 2009

Time is going too fast


summer bag


Things are moving too fast - and I've got the feeling I can't keep up with them.
I decided to get out from the wardrobe my summer bag - it's made of plastic garden twine, in a simple blue and green hound's tooth on 4 shafts. The black plastic bakelite-like handles were a nice find - I really like the "clack clack" they make when I grab the bag!
Also I finished some small cushions I was meant to do ages ago.
Since when weeks go on fast forward?

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Margreet said...

Doni, lovely collection of cushions there and the bag is really nice!
Time does seem to run away, I agree.
I'm enjoying the sunny weather, though not the mugginess. It makes me slow down into doing very little and the past week has gone without realizing it.