Tuesday, May 04, 2010

after a cup of tea

it's lovely to walk home with a friend, and enjoy the day as it gets longer...

a quirky collection here,
and Nadia's new lamp here (made with packing paper found in fruit boxes!)


Peggy said...

What interesting views of things seen on your walk!

matilda said...

Che bel cielo sopra...? Ma da vostre parti fa ancora freddo..vedndo le calze:) Comunque una bella passegiata.

Meg said...

Do you think the red building will be all red, or more an abstract painting?

Lovely day.

Donatella said...

Peg - there were more weird pics that I couldn't post!

Matilda - abbiamo un tempo pazzo, e ora fa di nuovo freddo!

Meg - it's the entrance for an exhibition, and I hope to post the progress, but these days it's been raining!