Thursday, May 06, 2010


After the exhibition the dresses are carefully removed from the dummies and placed in their boxes for storage.
These belonged to a famous Italian actress of the 19th century, Adelaide Ristori


Peggy said...

Fabulous dresses - what a privilege to be part of showing them to the world!

riverweave said...

Scrumptious -- to be able to create costume, yards of cloth, sequins . . . heavenly

matilda said...

Com'é triste vedere un vestito cosi meraviglioso nella scattola...sembra come La bella adormentata

Meg said...

The second from the top photo, Doni. Is the back left open because the mannequin is not corseted, or is the back open like that?

These may be special costumes, but in general, when people didn't have many clothes and each piece was handmade, people took better care of their clothes, even in my grandparents' generation. I miss that. A little bit.

Thank you for showing us these photos. Very special, Doni.

Unknown said...

Wow ! It looks AMAZING !
Really Really nice dresses :)

Donatella said...

Those dresses are theatre costumes, so they were made with anything would suit the purpose of making them flamboyant and extremely rich - because they were meant for the stage - and at the same time keeping the cost as low as possible.
The corset was left open at the back because the dummy was too big!

Matilda - in effetti è brutto quando si mette via tutto, ma è anche bello sapere di aver messo via ogni vestito nel modo migliore perchè si conservi il più a lungo possibile e anche altri possano vederlo!