Sunday, May 30, 2010

just about right

back home I realize I definitely needed some time away from the city.

I was walking by a garden and I asked the lady working there if I could get closer and take a photo of her beautiful peonies - and we started talking about flowers when I saw she had lupins in the garden too
- now whenever I see lupins I can't but think of New Zealand -
and in the end I walked home with a paper tray full of baby plants, a kind gift from this lady.
they are now in our garden, I hope they'll grow

then I made dandelion syrup - from this recipe - very simple:

pour a liter of cold water on four generous handfuls of dandelion flowers
slowly bring to boil
once boiled remove pot from the heat and leave overnight
strain the liquid and squeeze the flowers
add 1kg of sugar and half a sliced lemon
put the pot on low heat
leaving the liquid to evaporate without boiling, making sure that it is neither too thick nor too runny.
It should become a dense syrup, to be spread on a slice of bread.


Meg said...

What a lovely, gentle recipe. I must try, since I tend to have lots of dandelions. So, now you live in the country?

Donatella said...

Hi Meg, I forgot to thank you for the voucher you forwarded me!
Unfortunately no, I don't live in the country, but I most definitely wish I did!