Tuesday, June 01, 2010


the lilac I planted finally decided to bloom!

love this scarf


Hilary said...

oh my...I love the wood stacked around the window.....wanted to see more of it....is that a whole house, or just one side???

Leslee said...

Ahhh, lilacs...one of my favorites. Yours is such a beautiful color.

Love the UN site...so inspiring. Thanks for the introduction!

And that stacked wood photo is incredible!

al said...

wow, just imagine if you could create a scarf just like the lilac! it would love to wear it!! beautiful photographs, i love the wood stacked up!

Donatella said...

Hi! The wood was stacked against one wall of a quite big woodshed, it was incredible!

al - that could be a very good idea! the colour and texture of lilacs are amazing. I wish I could produce such a scarf...