Thursday, May 08, 2008

Back Home

as usual, going to the UK for me is a feast - for all textile-y things and lot more -
we went...First, to the Savill Garden
Entrance - the roof is impressive both from the inside and the outside
Exhibitions at the Crafts Study Centre, Farnham : "Makers & Movers" (with some samples by weaver Marianne Straub)
and "Meeting Places" by Carole Waller - her hangings were amazing, delicately floating in the air when you passed close to them -

...even the towel in the toilet was somehow matching the atmosphere of the exhibition!

Next on the list was a quick trip to Stroud for the Textile Festival; we only went there the first day, no chance for talks and workshops, sigh...
I particularly loved Claire Lane:
and the colours of Ptolemy Mann (to be honest, I had seen her work in photos before, but standing in front of the real thing - two whole rows of them! - is something that one has to experience - I was speechless)

Back home to the South it was nice to stroll around and discover new lovely places such as Sno, a Scandinavian design shop (grrr.....that day it was closed)
and Coastal Creatives - a lovely gallery/shop well worth a visit.
I wish we could have had some more time...
...and back home, flying over the Alps